Ontario Tech University Library

How to book a room

When at the Main Booking Page:

  1. Select the day that you would like to book the room
  2. Select a room and click an open time in that column
  3. Fill in all fields:
    • Group Name
    • Group code (4 characters)
    • Duration
    • Institution
    • Student ID &
    • Network Password
  4. Click on Create group
  5. An incomplete booking is shown by the word “open” in grey in the booking calendar
  6. For group study room bookings, one or two additional group member IDs and Passwords will be needed to complete and maintain the reservation
  7. To complete the reservation, the second/third group member needs to “join” your group by clicking on your incomplete booking for the same day, time, and room
  8. Select the appropriate group name and click on “Create or Join a Group”
  9. Fill in all fields (as above)
  10. Once the appropriate numbers of ID/Passwords have been entered, the reservation is complete!